How will I know if the sitter arrived at my home?

A detailed note is left before the sitter leaves your home after every visit.   You can also requests texts or emails.

What if my pet gets sick?

I will notify you first.  If emergency care is needed I will transport them to the nearest emergency care clinic.

If you can't make it to my home because of an emergency who will care for my pets?

At consultation I ask for an emergency backup.  In an unlikely event I can't make the visit, I will contact you and your emergency contact.  This person should have a key to your home such as a neighbor, friend or relative.

Should I have a key ready for the sitter at consultation?

Yes, I ask for 2 sets.  One set I keep on file, one set I use to get into your home.  Keys are securely coded with no reference of a name or address.

How can I be sure my home is safe when the sitter stays there while we are away?

I am fully insured and bonded.  As a burglar deterrant I make your home look like it's "lived in" , such as turning lights on, taking trash to the curb, park in your driveway, setting security system, etc.  If you need me to do something else, no problem, just ask.